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Did you know that the outdoor design of a commercial area is one of the factors that will attract people? Whether you own a commercial space or are planning to build one, keep in mind that it’s important to design the exterior in a way that it will complement the interior area. If you’re looking for some design inspiration, you can get started with the following:

  • Waters features on paved concrete flooring

    A pond, a tiered pot fountain, and a water wall are all awesome features to have for your commercial area. You can also install lights alongside these features to add to the ambiance and lighting. Just be sure to opt for concrete resurfacing in Cape Coral, Florida to ensure that the flooring is still slip-resistant and safe.


  • Pool area

    Having a pool is great, especially if the commercial space also has rooms that accommodate transient guests. For properties of this type, opting for a pool deck surfacing in Florida is a great idea to give the guests a comfortable place to relax during their stay.

  • Playground

    It would also be good to convert your outdoor area into a playground for children. This will be a perfect place for families to visit and spend theirlity time over the weekend. Just be sure to avail of rubberized surfacing in Florida to ensure that the flooring is slip-resistant and safe for children.

  • Outdoor lounge

    Setting up outdoor furniture is another great option. You can also have patio umbrellas to give the guests ample shelter. To add to the ambiance, contact a provider of concrete coatings in Florida to redesign the flooring and make it look stylish.

Designing the outdoor area of a commercial space is a bit challenging because you need to consider the needs of the tenant and the people visiting your building. But, if you want your area to be attractive to the general public, opting for the designs mentioned above is a great move. Just contact Superior Surfacing LLC to help you improve the look of your concrete flooring.



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